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I work on sheets of birch plywood a medium, which allows me the flexibility of utilizing a flat, plane surface, or carve into and through the surface, which gives the subsequent image several dimensions. I am then able to manipulate the juxtaposition of the images, which can be painted on a smooth surface and contrasted against a rough and splinted depth.

The colors are vibrant, seductive and enticing in order to create an opposition to the image of danger and fear with the supposed, but false, rainbow of colors of childhood.

I choose to use the Fisher Price “Peeps” and the Lego characters to give the installation a feeling of a childhood fantasy/ video game. The Lego characters hold the guns because they have arms. The “Peeps “ are defenseless, and the baby dolls are innocents who, if the looming violence is enacted, will never have the chance to live a complete life.

The question lies in what is beautiful and what is horrific?

Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, strongly influence the essence of our adult being. Difficult childhood experiences can contribute to adults becoming estranged and detached from themselves and their behavior. Subsequently these feelings of disassociation create internal and external tension. For me, the loss of innocence in childhood created unresolved feelings of alienation and loneliness. These are central themes in my work.








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