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about Kyle RippI grew up in a bay shore village on Long Island, New York. I earned a BFA at Syracuse University and after graduation, I moved to Delaware with my husband, son and daughter. I devoted myself to teaching art at the high school level at The Tatnall School for twenty years. Today my studio is located in Wilmington, DE.

As my creative abilities and interests developed, I began to explore areas from my childhood years: times of freedom, exploration and wonder, but also times of abundant risk. The loss of innocence in my own childhood created unresolved feelings of alienation and loneliness. These are central themes in my work. Creating an artwork is about the process for me. It is a direct, expressive and physical action.

There is dialogue that occurs between the wood canvas, the drawing of the image and myself. I have developed a unique technique combining elements of both painting with sculptural etching. The process involves both addition and subtraction allowing the work to evolve on its own.

Kyle was a co-founder of Project Space, an artist run venue formed in the fall of 2011 by Delainey Barclay and Kyle Ripp. The space included a gallery, installation lounge and on site studios. Their vision was to strengthen the local artist community by providing an alternative avenue for artists to casually connect and network in an informal setting through the sharing of ideas, resources and opportunities.





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